Kawa Coffee

Automatically Authentic –

Real Turkish coffee brewed electronically

 Kawa Coffee – the electronic brewer that makes deliciously authentic Turkish coffee - automatically!



Why Kawa Coffee?

Strong, black/Dark Turkish coffee is the genuine, undeniable original!

For coffee lovers everywhere, Turkish coffee is the real thing, the authentic beverage, brewed and served reverently in the enchanting tents of Arabia…


But in the modern bustle of our lives, much of that ancient knowledge has been lost. Very few of us know how to make a genuine pot of Turkish Coffee, and frankly, we just don't have the time…

The brewing procedures are just too complicated, and we want our coffee here and now!

So we compromise.


No more!

With the original, revolutionary, easy-to-use Kawa Coffee, coffee connoisseurs can have it all: delectably authentic Turkish coffee - complete with its famous Kaimak (froth), effortlessly prepared and pleasurably sipped right then and there, in your office or home.



This is how it works

With Kawa Coffee the entire brewing process is automatic!

No need to brew and boil again… and again.

No need to watch over the pot, to make sure it doesn't boil over.


All you have to do is fill the beautiful, traditionally designed Kawa Coffee pot with the right amount of water, add carefully measured spoonfuls of your chosen coffee, and press the button. Kawa Coffee will do the rest all by itself:


It will brew and boil the coffee in the traditional way, and then turn off automatically when the froth is formed, to prevent its rich, dark, aromatic contents from boiling over. The entire procedure takes no more than 90 seconds, and when the coffee is ready, the pot lets you know with a chime. It will now keep its delightful brew hot and ready for a full hour. 

Just pour it into the small traditional cups, breathe in the fresh, invigorating vapors, close your eyes, sip slowly to make it last, and…


Experience the true taste of bliss!




·         Automatically brews authentic Turkish coffee.

·         The genuine taste and aroma of coffee made outdoors, on a campfire

·         Same Kaimak (froth) as the original (home made) coffee

·         Coffee doesn't boil over, so you don't need to watch over it

·         6 cups in 1 brewing

·         Fast brewing – coffee is ready in only 90 seconds

·         Remarkable user-friendliness

·         Suitable for all types of coffee ( can be adjusted ).

·         Modern design that reflects the curves of the traditional coffee pot



About the entrepreneur

Mooky Harel – an industrial designer, graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem, and owner of Argopro Ltd., a company creating, developing, manufacturing and marketing original products. Among his main inventions: rolling sun visors and branded window shades for vehicles, self-rolling banners for sports fans and more. Mooky is the man behind the original Kawa Coffee idea.ore. ing banners for sports fans and owner  itional coffee potffee is readynovatively accessible


What have we done so far?

To date, our team has…

·         Filed a patent application for the product and registered industrial design rights for the design

·         Built a model that proves technological feasibility and makes great coffee!

·         Applied to the Israeli TV show HaMeizam ('The Startup'), and, after serving the judges authentic, freshly brewed Turkish coffee, passed the auditions with their unanimous vote.

·         Designed the product – Ready for molds.

·         Defined the production technology and chosen main components and suppliers.

·         Produced functional models with a 3D printer.

·         Built a professional business plan.