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What is the most effective promotional item on earth ? Promote your Logo on your clients cars...

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

October 15, 2017

How to expose a massage/image/logo in a required area in a way that it will be seen by every one for a at least a year with out paying any fee ? Sounds like a fantasy ?  Well, There is a way ... It can be done by offering High quality customized car side shades to customers in the required area.... We are doing it in Israel for a wide range of customers among them Samsung - LG - Disney - Banks- Toy shops - Insurance Companies - and more... A baby shops chain is using the Side Shades ( with their LOGO) for the last 10 years as a retail item sold  and became the largest first day baby shops chain in Israel. An exposed brand on a side shade is in effect a recommendation by a satisfied clients that was ready to expose it on his car. Usually side shades are sold with all different deigns in Auto accessories departments . The screening of the harmful sun rays (About 85% of the UVA+ UVB ) is a need for the protection of the car passengers mostly the babies and the kids.  for more information please contact us.....we are looking for agents all over the world. By the way, in order to get an idea about the real exposure of the brand let assume that - each side shade is exposed to a least an average of 100 eyes a day ...reasonable ? (there are 2 on a car from each side but lets keep it 100 for the calculation...) 100 X 365 days a year = 36,500 potential customers has been exposed to the brand in one year by one pair of Side Shades... The minimum quantity for branding is 5000 pairs of side shades...   5000 X 36,500= 18,250,000 potential customers a year ! The average resistance of the side shades is at least 2 years...( we are giving a guarantee of one year.) 2X18,250,000 = 36,500,000 The cost of 5000 pairs of Side Shades is 20,000 $ including shipment.. 20,000: 36,500,000= Your cost is 0.00054 $ per watch !! we are delivering world wide but our production is limited... please be in touch in advance in order to make sure that your campaign will be in time.

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